Our expertise

Change is constant in our world, and competition between brands that want to grow and develop is fierce. With a commercial approach and strong business mind, Bellbird supports brands of all sizes to navigate complex and multifaceted environments.

Bellbird’s expertise lies in the intersection between communication and marketing and change processes. We offer specialised services to position and support brand journeys through analysis, strategy, storytelling, and creative communication solutions that make a difference.

We believe that brave brands have better opportunities to set the agenda and create stakeholder engagement.

Brave brand strategy

All strategies are based on thorough analysis of context and stakeholders. With this in mind, we deliver strategies that position your brand and help to set the agenda. Our work covers analysis, brand strategy, brand platform, design and deployment in creative, integrated, and agenda-setting communication.

Storytelling for brand building

When surrounded by relentless noise, shouting is futile. To stay relevant, brands need engaging and creative stories. Stores that are told to be retold. We focus on creating influence with powerful messaging and stories that stick. Through fact-based, emotive, and well-designed content, we help to build strong brands through storytelling.

Agenda-setting communication

We help brands strengthen, nurture, and protect their corporate voice and relationships with selected stakeholders. Our team supports change and stakeholder management, strategic counselling and leadership coaching, crisis communication and management, thought leadership and sustainability communication and strategy (together with our sister company Ethos).

Engagement and advocacy

We craft winning solutions – targeting influencers, customers, and decision-makers with compelling and engaging stories. Through engaging advocacy, we shape opinion to drive change.

Sustainable business practices

How you manage and communicate your corporate responsibility has a great impact on your brand. Together with our sister company, Ethos, we support companies that want to create real change and strengthen their reputation within sustainability. We are dedicated to helping companies analyze and manage their risks, challenges and opportunities, and craft relevant operational and strategic activities.

We believe that businesses are a positive and responsible force in society to drive change.  Whether you’re a large, listed company, an organisation, or a small fast-growing start-up, Bellbird supports all types of brands to set the agenda. We tailor-make our solutions for your needs. If we’re providing advice concerning the capital markets, advocacy or policy changes, marketing and conceptualization strategies, or a new graphic design, our actions are guided by the aim to position and strengthen your brand.

Why brand building is a marathon, not a sprint