We are

We help to build brave brands

To build strong and differentiated brands that boost growth and transformation, we believe that companies need to define their role and contribution in a broader context. With a clear vision backed by solid facts, companies can act boldly and set the agenda.

We are convinced that brave and visionary brands are more successful. Brave brands can tell engaging stories that earn attention and deliver business value.

Our ambition is to help build brave brands that have both the ability and aspiration to make a lasting impact on individuals, industry and society as a whole.

We call our approach commercial advocacy. This means that we combine the methods of advocacy and agenda-setting communication with the methods of marketing and brand building. The result is an integrated approach that enables branding through storytelling.

Our eclectic team enables us to deliver integrated and holistic solutions. The Bellbird team possesses extensive experience in communication, branding, advocacy, capital markets advisory and sustainability as well as business development.

What unites us is our passion for supporting brands with stories that drive change and create growth. As a long-term partner to our clients, we are committed to deliver the right solutions based on a deep understanding of their business, context, and stakeholders.

Bellbird was founded in Stockholm in the spring of 2017, with the ambition of taking on the most exciting assignments for the most ambitious brands.